Shine at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

First, Shine at Home looks for people that have a passion to help seniors live independently. Then each potential team member must successfully complete a thorough personal and professional reference and extensive background checks. Each team member is also Police checked and insured.

The individuals that comprise the leader team of Shine at Home has years of experience in seniors services.  That fact combined with a commitment to listen to our clients sets us apart.

We understand that our clients want the same staff member to assist them.  So, when we can we keep the number of staff coming to your home to a minimum.  Staff availability and the amount of time required to serve your needs are the factors that would increase the need for multiple staff.  Don’t worry, we get it!

Another difference is our minimum visit requirement.  We require a per visit minimum of 1 hour. 

Payment is quick and easy.  Each month we track and summarize the services we provided in one easy-to-read invoice.  You can receive this invoice via email, hand delivered by our staff on their first visit of the new month, or by traditional mail.  Once you have had a chance to review the invoice and are ready to pay, just send an etransfer, write a cheque and give it to our team-member, or put the cheque in the mail to the address provided….told you it was simple 😊

We provide assistance with daily living (ADL’s).  Some of our staff are Personal Support Workers (PSW’s).  Some are Home Care Aides (HCA’s).  We match the care requirement of the client to the required staff skill-set.  We are not a Registered Nursing Service, and our many, many clients since 2010 have not needed an R.N.
ADL’s include but are not limited to:


  • Meal Preparation
  • Bathing or showering.
  • Grooming.
  • Walking.
  • Dressing and undressing.
  • Transfers.
  • Assistance with Bathroom 
This describes the functional aspect of what we do. Many times, through the time spent, we develop a relationship that also helps our clients that many times have been dealing with isolation and loneliness. 

We maintain consistent staff as much as possible.  Staff vacations, illness, and time-off requests may require a staff adjustment.  Another factor that may increase the number of staff serving you is the amount of time needed to achieve your service-level.  We do not change staff without your knowledge in advance.


Good question! The individuals doing the cleaning are fully background screened, the Shine leader is constantly following up with the client on satisfaction, and we and all Shine at Home team members have to pass a police check.  Further, we will advise you on a few easy but important tips and ideas to ensure your safety and security.   

Yes, we provide standard cleaning supplies. We would be happy to use your products if you have such a preference. But we just ask that you provide them. 

No, we do not require you to be at home. 

Yes, if you desire this service, we will be happy to provide it.

You can call, send us an email at When we receive your request, we will arrange a visit with a Shine at Home representative. 

Transportation Questions

We will do our best if that is your wish. However it may not always be possible.

We appreciate it if you book your trip the day before.  However, if you have a last minute need, we will certainly try to accommodate you.

For significant medical emergencies Shine at Home should not be your first choice.  You should use 911 for those concerns.  For something important, but not urgent, we will do everything we can.

If you are A shine at home client currently using other shine at home services. Such as in home care and housekeeping. it is as simple as calling in and booking. CONTACT US