Shine at Home

Live at Home

– We’ll make it easy! –

About Us

There’s a deep comfort that comes from being in familiar surrounds, sleeping in your own bed, and living under a roof that belongs to you. As we advance in years, day-to-day life becomes challenging. Shine at Home lets seniors live to their full potential.

Who we are?

Shine at Home is a network that offers a range of in-home services that allow seniors to live at home, safely and confidently.

Vision & Mission

Shine at Home helps seniors to truly thrive and shine by maintaining their independence. Enjoying the services of a retirement community in the comfort and independence of your own home – at a fraction of the cost. That is why we say live at home – we’ll make it easy.

Award Winning Service

Award Winning Service

Benefits of Shine at Home

Care that Counts

We choose only qualified candidates to work for us. And that includes all our staff being fully screened, vetted, and having police checks.

Staying Home

Life is better when you get to stay in your own home, in familiar surroundings, going to sleep in your own bed every night.

Staying in Community

Life is better when you can go to the park, go to the grocery store, go to your pharmacy. And living where you want to live.

Monitoring Medications

We can help you monitor your medications to maintain health independence.


Our focus is helping you with your activities of daily living, so that you can maintain your independence.